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Chocolate: Food of the Gods

Monday 4 April

The seeds known to science as theobroma cacao (meaning ‘food of the gods’) have a long and fascinating history. In this special interactive evening, we will investigate the past, present and future of chocolate. We will be crossing oceans to trace its historical journey from the jungles of the Aztec empire to the corner shop hearing how we plan to protect this fragile and vital crop, putting it under the microscope to examine the chemistry of the world’s favourite treat and taking a look at contemporary research into the neurobiological effects of chocolate, including an expert’s insight into the human sense of taste and how modern chocolatiers are bringing the laboratory into the kitchen in search of new creations.

Chocolate writer and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Sara Jayne Stanes OBE is joined by Prof Paul Hadley of the International Cocoa Quarantine Project and master chocolatier Aneesh Poppat for a scientific feast for the senses not to be missed. Hosted by Susan Morrison.

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