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Pop-Up Science: Organogenesis

Sunday 3 and Monday 4 April

Discuss cutting-edge science with stem cell scientists and co-create origami organs in this interactive, drop-in exhibition. The craft of origami provides many in-ways for discussions about the biology of organogenesis and the cutting edge work of growing organs from stem cells in the lab. From their beginning as a blank sheet of paper (pluripotent stem cells) to instructions of folding (the genes that are expressed), the origami organs take shape in a collaborative effort that illuminates not only lab practice, but also exemplifies the challenges in regenerative medicine. The use of recycled paper (think tissue donation) and paper showing authentic data of ‘gene expression patterns’ will add a further level of intrigue and conceptual opening.  Find out more about making organs in the lab and its application in transplantation, drug testing, disease modelling and regeneration of damaged organs.

Presented by Eurostemcell, image: Horst Keichele

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