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Big Ideas

For Science Festival 2017 we’re bringing together the biggest thinkers and brightest minds to debate and discuss some big ideas as we uncover the challenges and opportunities facing our world.

Technology and Me
We’re investigating the latest innovations in technologies designed to improve human health, wellbeing and happiness and unearthing the opportunities and questions raised by our interactions with these technologies along the way. Join us to explore the Hospitals of the Future, AI-Powered Healthcare and Super Humans.
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Our Wired World
Science and technology help us live, work, learn and communicate with others. We’re examining the technologies that connect us and looking at how a networked way of living affects our homes, workplaces, schools and communities – from Test Tube to YouTube to Who Will Scam Us Next, and How?
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Techno Tribes
Focusing on the impact of the digital revolution on society, we’re delving into the promises that living in a networked world brings and raising questions about the challenges in digital security that it poses. Join us to examine The Right to be ForgottenThe Rise of E-Democracy and A Death Online.
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Global Village
We’re exploring how we can harness technology to ensure the success and sustainability of our connected world – from City Farming to Greening the Developing World. We’re also focusing on challenges that arise from the political landscape in Brexit: Boom or Bust for British Science.
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Even more Big Ideas...

Who Do You Think You Are?
We’re bringing together scientists, authors and artists in a series of standalone events to discuss the nature of identity and self as provoked by the play, A Number by Caryl Churchill. Join us to investigate a range of issues, from Online Identity and Scottish Identity to Nature, Nurture or Neither.

The Edinburgh Medal
This prestigious award recognizes the work of men and women of science and technology whose professional achievements are judged to have made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of humanity. Visit the Edinburgh Medal webpage to find out more about the award and this year’s recipient, Prof Peter Piot.