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Elements of #EdSciFest

Edinburgh Science Festival, scheduled for 4–19 April 2020, was cancelled due to the global spread of COVID-19.

Although the event won’t go ahead as planned we will be launching a digital #EdSciFest. Keep your eyes peeled for online entertainment, curated articles, and downloadable resources covering all the Science Festival favourites throughout the month of April.

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We share our planet with almost eight billion people and the collective environmental challenges we face have never been greater or more complex. Increasing demands for food, water, energy and infrastructure are pushing nature to its limits, and the impacts of the climate crisis we are facing are increasingly more apparent. Life on Earth is a wonderful yet fragile thing. 

With our climate in crisis and our world in turmoil, buffeted by false news and media manipulation, it has never been more important to shine a spotlight on the threats, challenges and opportunities that face planet Earth – to champion reasoned and rational though and the value of evidence, and to help equip the public and our policy makers with information that helps them make informed decisions about the things that matter most.

Earth and its inhabitants are under pressure from environmental degradation and climate change caused by human actions. Growing populations, food poverty and a waste of resources are pushing our planet to the brink and we are already seeing some of the disastrous consequences. 

But there is room for hope! 

As we engage with our problems on a local, national and international scale, we are discovering how we can tackle them together. One Earth explores the circular and sharing economies, tackles our extinction crisis and looks at ways we can feed the world on a global scale. 

Click below for a collection of digital events, articles, downloadable resources and recommendations under our One Earth strand.

One Earth