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Careers Hive

What is Careers Hive?

Careers Hive is an immersive careers education event designed to give students between the ages of 11–14 a new way to think about their futures. It highlights the opportunities available to those who study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), as well as the cross-disciplinary skills and subjects that can support and enhance STEM careers.

Careers Hive Public Open Day

This year's Careers Hive is open to the public on Saturday 11 November at the National Museum of Scotland. Visitors can explore activities throughout the Grand Gallery and meet early-career STEM professionals to find out more about the opportunities STEM skills and subjects can open up.

Teacher CLPL Session

At this free CLPL event you can learn how to encourage the young people you work with to engage with STEM subjects, bring the 3–18 Careers Standard to life and find out about the cutting-edge opportunities of the future. Join us for interactive, hands-on exhibits, speaker panels, workshops and networking.

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Careers Hive Online

Careers Hive Online is a series of resources that invites young people between the ages of 11–14 to consider what the problems of the future are, how STEM professionals will solve them and what their own skills and strengths can bring to these ambitions.