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Students, here is where you can review what you learnt at Careers Hive, watch some cool videos, listen to some great podcasts or have a play around with a few games. 

Browse the menu below to have a search through inspiration, ideas and fun things to try.

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Podcast Inspiration

The Naked Scientists bring current science topics to the forefront in an easy listening manner. if you're interested in game design, listen to this episode, or if animals are more up your street, this Q&A is fascinating, or just browse through all the episodes here. If you like these guys, they are coming to the Edinburgh Science Festival in April. Check out their event here.

Science Friday also looks at topical issues in science right now. The episodes vary in length from quick seven-minute science to half hour long investigations into topics. Browse what's hot right now.

BBC Radio has endless sciecne podcasts too depending on where your interest lies. Topics include the Scottish outdoors, technology, video games and more. See them all here.