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Careers Hive Futures

Welcome to Careers Hive Futures!

Here you can review content from the Careers Hive exhibition, find information about different career paths, opportunities for school students and more! 

The menu is split into four categories to match the exhibition zones: Build and ConnectDesign and PlayEnergy and EnvironmentHeal and Feed to remind you of the key questions and ideas from Careers Hive. 

Welcome to Heal and Feed

How do we get ill? How do we get better? How do we ensure enough food and water for the planet? Look back at all you learnt at Careers Hive and see how you could help in the future.

Water, water everywhere
Humans don’t last long without water, but too much can be a problem as well. Getting water to where it’s needed requires a lot of work. Career focus: Who makes the water work?


We live on a hungry planet
The food industry faces huge challenges for the future but researchers are always seeking new ways to improve how we grow, manufacture and distribute our food. Career focus: Food is a multi-million pound industry – is this somewhere you could fit?


Infectious invasion
Getting sick is all part of being human, but how can we minimise the threat of global epidemics? Career focus: Could you be one of the saviours of our healthcare system?


Can technology keep us healthy?
Could making better machines mean better health for humans and how can robots be designed to support or improve our health? Career focus: You need complex teams to make complex machines – could you be part of the mix?