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Careers Hive Futures

Welcome to Careers Hive Futures!

Here you can review content from the Careers Hive exhibition to remind you of the key questions and ideas it posed and click on links to view some of the panels in detail. Information is split into four categories to match the exhibition zones: Build and ConnectDesign and PlayPower and EnergyHeal and Feed.

We’ve also pulled together a list of useful websites with careers information and resources to help you figure out what might work for you.

Browse the menu below to find out more.

And don't forget to check out the Science Festival! Held over Easter each year, Edinburgh International Science Festival brings together a packed programme of events, activities, workshops and exhibitions offering up lots of opportunities to find out more about science, technology, engineering and maths. 

Our 2018 Festival runs 31 March – 15 April. 

Making things
Design shapes the world we live in and good design can make a complicated task simple. You can see this when you think about iconic household objects.
Design is everywhere
Career focus: Who’s involved in creating a new bike?
Design matters

How do ideas turn into reality? All you need in order to create something is an idea and a plan to make it happen.
Career focus: If you’ve got a great idea, why not choose your own career adventure and start your own business.
Got an idea?

Transforming entertainment
From tag to touchscreen, creativity and play have always been important for our wellbeing, but now you can become the creator and controller of your own digital environment.
Coming to a screen near you
Career focus: Could you help to make games instead of just playing them?
The digital playground

Hello world
In the past three decades, computers have changed the world beyond recognition, so is code the new language of the world? And what can you do with code?
Coding the future
Career focus: Are coding jobs just for gamers?
Programming 2.0