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Build and Connect

Careers Hive Online's Build and Connect zone explores careers that help solve challenges like transport around the world (and into space!), or creating new buildings and structures to help us work and live on this planet.


We can't all be astronauts but a huge industry exists to support space exploration and investigation. Take CubeSats for example; these small satellites can be made by smaller private companies, and Scotland is fast becoming a world-leader in CubeSat technology. Teams design these tiny satellites by testing different materials, considering how long it will last, how much it costs and how much it weighs. Everything around you that is made – from machinery, cars and toys to houses and kitchen gadgets – has all been designed by teams of people with different skills.


Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures and other items. In the fields of mechanics and engineering, there are people whose roles are to design, build, test and fix working machines.  Having an understanding of how an engine works is important, even if you are a test pilot, designer or project manager. In this field, you don’t have to work just with cars – you can work anywhere machines are needed.

Try at Home

Explore the micro:bit simulator to learn about coding. Click the play button at the top to test the micro:bit. Move between blocks, JavaScript and Python to see what a simple code looks like in different coding languages.

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People working in electronics use creative thinking and problem solving to tackle all sorts of interesting challenges. The engineering design process requires consideration, building, testing, adapting and retesting to make sure things work as expected. No matter what your role is, an understanding of the language of code and how it works is really useful.

Meet the Professionals

Olivia, an engineer interested in sustainability and green products

Jahangir, a Broadcast Engineer