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Heal and Feed

Careers Hive Online's Heal and Feed zone explores careers that work on challenges concerning the health of our bodies, our nutrition and our food system.


Microscopes aren't only used in laboratories – they are used in many settings including the food industry, where they are used to study samples of food products and soils. Jobs in the food industry include finding new food sources or better ways to grow food, keeping our diets healthy, making sure our food is safe to eat and reducing our environmental impact. The many challenges faced in the food industry – such as crop disease, pests and pesticides, climate change, food poisoning and nutrition – need a wide range of people to work together and help ensure we can eat sustainably.


Many people work in jobs that help patients with organ difficulties. The ability to 3D print organs from a patient’s own cells is becoming a reality through research in Edinburgh and other research institutions. This will have a huge impact on the health of the public and will need people to work in jobs that continue the research, develop the hardware and software technology and staff the hospitals. In similar jobs, people treat and rehabilitate patients, design medical machines and research the biology behind growing organs.

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Compare the effectiveness of "superfoods" in this visualisation of science studies on foods.

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We all need to eat, and there are lots of STEM careers that contribute to the way we understand food and how it affects us. It is really important that we continue to further our knowledge of food science to explore new possibilities for sustainable food production and human nutrition; help decide how foods, additives and supplements should be regulated and find ways to describe these findings to

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Nicole, a Scottish Water Apprentice

Johnny, a Scottish Water Specialist Graduate