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Design and Play

Careers Hive Online's Design and Play zone explores careers like coding, 2D and 3D design, games and music.

Smart Tech

Engineers have important roles to play in the creation of many recognisable objects. Engineering is creative problem solving; ‘creative’ and ‘technical’ roles are not separated in engineering environments. There can multiple applications of engineering, even in one product. Working with the people who will use the product is a part of the engineering process, to make sure what you are designing will work for the final user.

Try at Home

Build your own game using block code - see the code running the game by clicking the "see inside" button, and try changing the code to see the effect. First, try changing the colour of the ball or the walls.

Start Activity

Coding is used to create software, which runs every program you've ever interacted with, from your phone's operating system, to games, and even space shuttle launches and train schedules. There are many different coding languages and environments in which you might use code to help tackle future challenges so it's a great skill to have and could open many doors.

Meet the Professionals

Lindsay, a acoustic engineer

Martin, an acoustic engineer