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Good Vibrations

The science of sound

Uncover the mysteries of music as we explore what sound is and investigate pitch, volume and amplification. This highly interactive show is packed with illuminating demonstrations featuring slow motion videos and an amazing airzooka amongst many others. Pupils even get to test their own voices as we use digital technology to create a unique recording with the class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain that sound is produced by objects vibrating
  • Describe that sound travels through a medium by passing a vibration on from particle to particle
  • Define pitch as the word used to describe how high or low a note is
  • Recall that the pitch of a sound depends on the speed which vibrations are occurring
  • Describe that the volume of a sound depends on the size of the vibrations
  • Recognise that digital music allows easy manipulation of music and sounds

CfE links: Vibrations and waves

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