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LEGO® Mindstorms Challenge

The fun programming workshop

Learn how to program a robot to follow commands and navigate its way around our obstacle course. Bring LEGO® robots to life in this fun and engaging hands-on introduction to programming and robotics. The session will end with the ever-popular hip-hop dancing robots!

Describe what a robot is and why they are useful

  • Create basic computer programs for robots to perform simple tasks
  • Troubleshoot basic computer programs to identify why a robot is not performing as expected
  • Recall how different sensors can be used to control a robot’s movement
  • Explain the concept of ‘unlimited’ when referring to computer programming
  • Explain the concept of a ‘loop’ when referring to computer programming

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LEGO® Mindstorms Advanced
Ready for the next level? If your class has already completed LEGO® Mindstorms Challenge, extend their programming skills with our advanced workshop. Contact our booking team for details.


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