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Little Giants

The show about bees

Buzzy, the giant honeybee, leads pupils into the wonderful world of bees in this highly interactive show. Learn how a bee’s body is different from ours and find out how bees and flowers work together. Then join our Beekeeper on a magical mystery tour of a beehive and follow Buzzy on a trip to giant flowers, make pollen trail patterns and suck up nectar – just like a bee.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key differences between insects and humans
  • Recognise that honeybees and bumblebees are different
  • Recall the role of the worker bee in the hive community
  • Describe how bees carry pollen from one plant to another
  • Describe how bees communicate with one another by dancing
  • Identify the importance of honeybees in the ecosystem

CfE links: Biodiversity and interdependence

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