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A Human Touch

Wednesday 20 March–Wednesday 8 May 

This stunning large-scale open-air photography exhibition will take you on a fascinating journey exploring the effect of human activity on our planet; how modern practices are changing our landscapes and impacting on the environment, and looking at some of the steps taken to cope with a rapidly changing world and dwindling resources. Learn about the urgency of rapid environmental degradation and ways to make a difference.


  • Aaron Sneddon
  • Abstract Aerial Art
  • Carlos Minguell
  • Daniel Beltra
  • Elnaz Mansouri
  • Ernest Zacharevic/Nicholas Chin
  • George Steinmetz
  • Jassen Todorov
  • Jenny Beatty
  • Poppy Dempster
  • Kara Murphy
  • Kieran Dodds
  • Lucas Foglia
  • Steve Samosa
  • Todd Korol

In association with The Scottish Parliament

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