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All Fired Up Digital Reccomendations

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Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Recommendations | Ages 12+

All Fired Up Digital Reccomendations

About the event

Fire, one of the four classical elements, represented energy and warmth. It represented power. But most importantly, it represented passion. And even though thousands of years later our understanding of fire has come on leaps and bounds, that has never changed. That is why we are All Fired Up about the climate crisis. 

It is essential that we look towards creating a more sustainable future, avoiding the perils and pitfalls along the way. We are sure there are ways of reducing our impact on the planet, and we want to discuss how to do this with you! What changes can we make? Which habits can we break? How is Scotland, and the wider world, doing its bit to change the course of the future? The power is in our hands and it’s time to make it happen. 

Below are our team's favourite digital resources on the subject of climate change and how we deal with the challenges it poses us. Think podcasts, TED Talks and much more!


Outrage and Optimism

"This is a fantastic podcast co-hosted by our very own Edinburgh Medal winner, Christiana Figueres. Each episode they have a different guest from a different industry and walk of life to discuss particular elements of the climate crisis and how people are responding. Guests have included Greta Thunberg, The CEO of Beyond Meat Ethan Brown, Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Stella McCartney and loads more.  

The podcast’s ethos is that we need to be both outraged about the current situation with climate change but also optimistic about our abilities to tackle it."  Will, EdSciFest 

Other podcasts


Science(ish) - WALL-E

Science(ish) - Geostorm

Dan Snow's History Hit - How History Inspires Environmental Activism


MOOCS (Massive open online courses)

Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society

Climate Change: Solutions​

Climate Change: The Science​

Causes of Climate Change

The Future of Farming: Exploring Climate Smart Agriculture

Environmental Justice

Data Science for Environmental Modelling and Renewables​

Monitoring Atmospheric Composition



Royal Society: The climate conversation  
Catch up with the latest conversations about climate change and how science can help humans solve the challenge of living sustainably. Watch the latest in the You and the planet series of talks, which took place at the Eden Centre in late February. Broadcaster Gillian Burke hosted a discussion on biodiversity with four leading scientists in the field. Gather some up-to-date content to include in biology lessons for all ages.   Watch the talks 

Ted Talks

How we can turn the tide on climate

Why you should be a climate activist

How climate change affects your mental health

Climate change will displace millions. Here's how we prepare

Want to fight climate change? Educate a girl​



Some people to follow...@GeorgeMobiot; @CaroRance; @FoEScot; @Richard_Dixon; @2050ClimateGrp; @ClimatesPodcast; @BG10BlueAction; @ElsieSYCS; @keelingcurve 



The pain and terror of these bushfires cannot be held in a single human heart

The Greta Thunberg Lovely award for driving bitter old white men apoplectic goes to ...​

There's an unprecedented environmental catastrophe and the Greens still can't get votes

Ecoterrorism? Maybe we should start with ringing the doorbell of a mining magnate’s house



What's in your climate crisis survival kit? 
It's hard not to be pessimistic about the climate crisis and the future of our environment. The kind folks over at Nesta have put together an alternative survival kit, one that's more about thriving than surviving - but you are going to need to be an active part. Check it out here.



IPCC reports

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Skeptical Science

BBC News, Science and Environment news

BBC News, Our Planet Matters​

Learning for Sustainability Scotland


The Guardian, Environment

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