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Downloadable Resources

An Introduction to Supercomputing

Tickets info

Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 7+

Downloadable Resources | Ages 7+

An Introduction to Supercomputing

About the event

The University of Edinburgh works in partnership to connect science and society to make the world a better place.  

As part of Elements of #EdSciFest, The University of Edinburgh are providing a range of activities and resources to engage and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with the world around them.  

Supercomputers can be thought of as many computers (known as ‘nodes’) connected via a network, that can solve difficult problems faster than conventional computers by splitting them up into pieces and dividing the work.  

Try out this fun hands-on problem-solving game which explores this further. 
Download Activity

For younger computer scientists, try out these puzzles, games and colouring-in activities. 

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