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Change your Carbon Footprint – Kids Edition!

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Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 5+

Articles | Ages 5+

Change your Carbon Footprint – Kids Edition!

About the event

Be a junior eco champion! 

Edinburgh Science Festival celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by placing the environment firmly at the heart of its Elementary-themed programme.  

The climate is in crisis, but we can all do more to care for planet Earth. Everyone can do their bit, and the Edinburgh Science Festival creative team have got some great ideas to get young eco warriors started on a mission to help save the planet. 

  1. Be a clean air champion: Air pollution from car fumes is bad for the planet and can make us sick. You can help by walking or cycling to school. 
  2. Stamp out littering: Litter often ends up in river and seas and can be harmful to wildlife. Always put your rubbish in a bin, and make sure it goes it the right bin if it’s recyclable. If you’re not sure, ask an adult to help.  
  3. Get a green thumb: Learn more about where your food comes from by growing plants on your windowsill or garden. Try cress, herbs or strawberries. Or try growing pea shoots from dried peas. Eating food you have grown yourself is a lot of fun! And remember, eating everything on your plate reduces stops wasted food ending up in the bin, so be a vegetable warrior! 
  4. Be a green hero at home: Ask at home what you can do to help the environment. You can help reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your house by always shutting the door after you or turning off the TV and the lights when you leave a room.  
  5. Become a master chef: Ask at home if a day a week you can cook a vegetarian dinner together. Eating less meat is a great way to help the planet. You can learn so much by helping to cook your own meal and cooking is a lot of fun.  
  6. Nature defenders! Get into nature at your local park or trail. You’ll find incredible plants, trees and wildlife on your doorstep, even in big cities. Learn about them; we need to know more about them and protect them to help reduce climate change and save our planet.  
  7. Swap and borrow: Buying fewer books saves trees. You can borrow books and DVDS from a library instead of buying new ones. Or start a swap shop with your friends. Swap books, clothes, or anything you don’t need anymore. Buy less stuff and get new things in return. Win!  
  8. Better together. Talk to your teacher at school about the environment and what you can do as a class to save the planet. Working together on a project is a great way to share ideas and get creative.

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