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CreateWorks: Engineering Drama

Tickets info

Date & Time
Sat 26 Jun—Sun 11 Jul
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Audio | Ages 12+

CreateWorks: Engineering Drama

About the event

Engineering and theatre may seem like radically different ways of figuring out the world and our place within it, but behind every complex idea is a gripping human story waiting to be told.

CreateWorks: Engineering Drama is a series of 14 powerful audio plays that explore how engineering is changing the world around us. 

The results of an experimental process by Braw Fox Theatre's dynamic creative team Amy McKenzie and Jo Rush, who, alongside playwright Dave Fargnoli partnered with engineers from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering to explore the ways theatre can make scientific research more accessible and engaging to the public.

The dramas have been written by engineers from diverse fields, connecting their specialist research to the lives that it directly impacts. Covering everything from cutting-edge breakthroughs to climate change, from red tape to rogue robots, ice storms and intrepid journeys into the unknown, these stories give us a snapshot of a changing world, where every new discovery has the potential to benefit, bewilder, endanger, or inspire mankind.

This project has been generously supported by funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Award, which supports creative public engagement with engineering projects while providing engineers with skills and opportunities to share their stories, passion and expertise with the public.

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Presented by The University of Edinburgh School of Engineering & Braw Fox Theatre

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