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Deep Ocean Lab Science Show

Tickets info

Date & Time
Sat 3 Jul
10.30am | 30mins | Available for 12hours
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 5+

Show | Ages 5+

Deep Ocean Lab Science Show

About the event

What happens as you dive deeper and deeper into the dark ocean? 

Join YouTuber and BBC TV & Radio presenter Greg Foot for the story of his scientific adventure into the deep. 

With experiments and stunning videos, Greg will show you the high-tech submersibles that took him down a crazy 1000ft into the Twilight Zone. He’ll explain the importance of our oceans and – thanks to Greg’s work with the Blue Planet II team – uncover the effect we’re having on them. Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet a creature from the deep!

This event will premiere on Edinburgh Science's YouTube account at 10.30am on Sat 3 Jul and be available to access on-demand until 11.30pm.

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Presented by Greg Foot

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