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Every Picture Tells a Story

Tickets info

Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 10+

Activities | Ages 10+

Every Picture Tells a Story

About the event

With thanks to our Festival Supporters, Digital World, we are delighted to be include a range of online Cyber Skills Live Lessons, developed by Digital Skills Education as part of Elements of #EdSciFest.   

Digital World

Every Picture Tells a Story – Online Lesson 

Digital photographs contain hidden information. In this interactive lesson, you’ll become a digital detective and track down the hideout of a cyber criminal gang. You'll use Python code to extract evidence hidden inside photographs. 

At a crime scene, investigators collect evidence to try and identify what has happened and who was involved. They might look for fingerprints, a weapon, or a strand of hair. Nowadays, the evidence might be on digital devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets. We need more people with digital skills to help gather and analyse this evidence. 

We have received intelligence that a criminal gang is planning a cyber attack within the next hour. We believe their hideout is located somewhere in Scotland. Your challenge is to find the location of the hideout before it’s too late. 

One of the suspects has been using a photo sharing social network. They’ve taken hundred of photos over the past year. The photos don’t seem to reveal much, but we can use digital tools to uncover more evidence inside the files. 

When you take a photograph using a smartphone or a digital camera, there is extra information stored inside the file. This is called meta-data. The meta data might include what time you took the photo, or the type of camera you used, and it can also include the exact GPS location where you took the photo. 

If we can find out where the photos were taken that might help us find the hideout 

  • First, you’ll write computer code to download a photo and view the meta-data inside it. 

  • Then, you’ll extract the location meta-data and pinpoint it on a map. 

  • Finally, you’ll access to the photos taken by the suspect, extract the location data, then see how many you can pinpoint on the map. 

Follow the instructions and let’s see if you can find the hideout before time runs out. 

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