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Exploring the Brilliant Abyss with Dr Helen Scales

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Date & Time
Sat 10 July
1pm | 30mins | Available on-demand from point of premiere
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Discussion | Ages 12+

Exploring the Brilliant Abyss with Dr Helen Scales

About the event

Not so long ago, people assumed that nothing lived in the deep ocean but we now know there is life all the way down: strange, wonderful life. Right now, a golden era of discovery is underway in the deep ocean as scientists, aided by cutting-edge technologies, explore this enormous realm. New and surprising lifeforms are constantly being found, such as snails that build their shells from iron and big sharks that glow in the dark. The deep could be where life first began on earth and it offers clues about the possibilities of life elsewhere in the universe.

Join Dr Helen Scales on a journey into the other-worldly space of the deep. Watch stunning images and film clips from deep-ocean exploration as Helen reads extracts from her latest book, The Brilliant Abyss.

The deep ocean is vast and remote but it’s not out of the reach of encroaching human impacts, including overfishing and – perhaps soon – the world’s first deep-sea mines. Helen makes a case for protecting the deep from all forms of damaging exploitation, while continuing to explore and learn about this vital part of our planet.

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The Brilliant Abyss is available to buy from our Festival bookselling partners Blackwells

Presented by Bloomsbury Publishing

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