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Future beasts and how to know them

Tuesday 3 April

What might the future creatures of Earth look like? And what creatures might humankind accidentally create through its current actions? Zoologist, author and presenter Jules Howard takes audiences on a whirlwind tour of the creatures that might one day walk the Earth by applying Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Spin the infamous Wheel of Death and see how today’s animals might evolve! Be the one-in-a-million creature that survives to colonise the world!

This new spin on a popular show that toured UK theatres in 2016–17 includes a host of newly imagined creatures including rabbits that hunt like tigers, mice that can fly and, well, rabbits which travel the treetops in monkey-like troops. Each show is its own unique event!

Jules is a science-writer, author and presenter. He performs regularly in the UK and North America and in the last five years has worked with more than 125,000 young people.

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