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Gendering AI: the Case of Conversational Assistants

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Date & Time
Wed 30 Jun
5.30pm | 45 mins
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Discussion | Ages 12+

Gendering AI: the Case of Conversational Assistants

About the event

Hey Siri, Alexa. Are you gender stereotyping? Because recent research suggests that you do. 

With many voice assistants carrying out obedient, subservient roles it's thought that this – along with their design of female-gendered names, voices, and personas – can encourage abusive language toward them. 

AI expert Kate Devlin, BBC design team member Fiona Linton-Forrest and author Mark West rally together to discuss issues surrounding gender and conversational assistants, and what can be done to combat them. They'll also discuss their work as part of a major research project currently being carried out on mitigating gender-based harms in conversational AI.

This event concerns gender stereotypes and may contain examples of abusive language.

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Presented by Heriot-Watt University

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