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How Humans are Altering Life on Earth

Tickets info

Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Videos | Ages 12+

How Humans are Altering Life on Earth

About the event

Through climate change, humans have now affected even the most remote environments and their inhabitants, and studies suggest that through our actions we are forcing some animals to evolve at breakneck speed to survive. Whilst some are thriving, others are close to dying out. 

Dr Helen Pilcher considers the many ways that we've shaped the DNA of the animal kingdom and how we might use what we know to save species from the brink of extinction. 

To find out more, try Dr Pilcher’s book, Life Changing: How Humans are Altering Life on Earth.

Music by Tamara Schlesinger



Album, I'm Not Your Soldier, out now.

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