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Human Nature

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Date & Time
Sat 12 Jun—Wed 21 Jul
Age Restriction
All Ages

Exhibition | All Ages

Human Nature

About the event

Take a fascinating journey around the world through this large-scale outdoor photography exhibition and explore how we connect to nature as humans. Consider the importance of the natural world to human health and happiness and discover how the global community are tackling the challenges of the climate crisis that threaten our green spaces. 

Human connection with nature runs deep. We rely on the natural world for food, fuel, water, recreation and rest. From remote rural communities, to precious corners of urban green, spending time in natural spaces is positively related to health and wellbeing. Nature is powerful; it can be harnessed to tackle major public health challenges such as obesity and mental health disorders and holds the key to many of the vital drugs and medications we desperately need.    

Yet we are facing a climate emergency that threatens the very existence of these spaces, and of our life on this planet. Destruction of habitats, over-consumption and mass pollution are global challenges that must be urgently addressed. In a time when the vital ecosystems of the world are in crisis, this outdoor photography exhibition looks at how our responsibility and custodianship for our wild spaces connects us.

Through a series of arresting images, Human Nature highlights the importance of the natural world, how it matters to our wellbeing, and the fragility and biodiversity of our one precious planet.   


Above image by Anna Deacon, from the book For the Love of Trees by Anna Deacon & Vicky Allan.


Presented by Edinburgh Science and supported by Oceana and the AEB Charitable Trust

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