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Moments in Time

Saturday 1 — Sunday 16 April

The 2017 Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is a time to celebrate and explore Scotland’s fascinating past – our greatest figures and iconic attractions, as well as our hidden gems. At the Science Festival, we are using this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Scotland’s rich scientific tradition, which has given rise to many discoveries that have changed the world.

Moments in Time is a family-friendly outdoor installation of iconic Scottish police boxes. Step inside and allow yourself to be transported back in time as we take you on a journey through some pivotal moments in Scotland’s scientific history. Through a series of immersive snapshots, you will discover milestones of Scottish scientific achievement from the flowering of philosophy and science during the Enlightenment, through the rapidly mechanising world of the Industrial Revolution, to the data rich and globally connected Information Age.

The boxes will also shine a spotlight on some very special Scottish endeavours and the scientists that have brought them to life, including how women in science, medical pioneers and some very important inventions have shaped our national heritage.

For a deeper exploration of Edinburgh’s scientific heritage, our partners Curious Edinburgh have created a series of walking tours:

Part of the 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology supported by Event Scotland


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