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National Space Academy

Tickets info

Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 7+

Videos | Ages 7+

National Space Academy

About the event

Welcome to Space School with Edinburgh Science and the National Space Academy! 


Here we’ve gathered the best resources from the National Space Academy to help you learn what you’ll need to be an astronaut! 

First up for a bit of context about why space is so great, and how it will save the world, here’s a great video by Kierann Shah. 

On to the learning! 

Hopefully if you’re from the UK and are interested in space, you’ll have heard of British Astronaut Tim Peake!? 

Well while he was up on the International Space Station in 2015/16, he recorded some experiments for us earthlings to watch and learn about what happens to things in microgravity! 

Give those a watch and think about some questions you’d love to ask Tim on twitter at @astro_timpeake 

For some more experiments, and ones you might be able to do at home, there’s lots to look at here.

Next up: a virtual school trip! 


Peruse and read more about samples we’ve gathered from the moon (and meteors that have come to earth) here.

And have a look through the collections in the National Space Centre!  

They have some great information about things like space suits, measuring instruments, and even spacecraft! 

Although we know a lot more about space than we used to back when people thought the sun went around the earth, there is still a lot to learn! 

Here on the Science and Technology Facilities Council YouTube channel, there are loads of great videos to explain what kind of things astronomers are researching.  

Get your fill through the link below 


And lastly, a bit of homework for you (I promise it’s fun homework!)  

One of our favourite YouTubers, Queen of rubbish robots, and aspiring astronaut Simone Giertz made a short series of her own DIY astronaut school! Have a watch and see if there’s anything from her training programme you could do at home! 


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