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Pounds and Pence: The Science in Your Pocket

Tuesday 9–Saturday 20 April (Not Sundays)

Billions of coins and millions of notes circulate daily, but rarely receive the scrutiny they deserve. In two special workshops, magnifiers and money-checkers will play their part in revealing the secrets behind the cash we handle every day. Lloyds Banking Group's Museum on the Mound in Edinburgh and the Royal Mint Museum near Cardiff are teaming up to put money 'under the microscope'.


Coins – 10am, 11am and 12pm (Saturdays – 1pm and 2pm)
Using a wealth of fascinating material from the Royal Mint, you can:
Explore the properties of the metals our coins are made from;
Learn how they are made;
And discover what makes our new pound coins the most difficult to copy in the world.

Banknotes – 2pm, 3pm and 4pm (Saturdays – 3pm and 4pm)
Using rarely seen specimens from Bank of Scotland, you can:
Examine the complexity of banknote design;
Use iodine-based pens, microscopes, and ultra-violet lights to explore the security features on banknotes;
And pit polymer against paper to test for strength and water-resistance.

Presented by Museum on the Mound and the Royal Mint Museum

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