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Speedy Sails

Tickets info

Date & Time
On Demand
30 mins
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 5+

Workshop | Ages 5+

Speedy Sails

About the event

Join our team to design, build and test your very own land yacht: a special wheeled vehicle that uses sails to travel across ground. You'll consider how designing a project is about solving a problem. Through the workshop you'll explore the principles and roles of thrust, drag, friction and energy transfer in the world of motion. Engineering has never been this fun!

This workshop was originally written for our touring programme, Generation Science. As the kit our presenter uses was specifically created for this purpose, we have written a guide to how you can participate using your items from your own home! 

Download Workshop Guide


We’d love to hear what you thought of this event – share your feedback here for a chance to win a £50 John Lewis voucher.

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Presented by Edinburgh Science

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