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The Musical Brain: How Music Helps Dementia

Saturday 13 April

Join Playlist for Life and the University of Edinburgh's Prevent Dementia project to explore how the power of music can help those with dementia. Learn how personally meaningful music – the soundtrack of your life – can restore memory, communication and connections and help to alleviate some of the stress, anxiety and isolation that comes with this condition.

• Music and memory: Dr Tom Russ, of the University of Edinburgh, will outline the neuroscience behind this phenomenon and explain what we currently understand about how music restores fading memories.
• Searching for your soundtrack: Andy Lowndes, the Music Detective, will offer an engaging showcase of how this works in practice – with emotional and inspiring real -life videos – as well as advice on how everyone can create their own playlists of meaningful music.

Please note: Due to unforseen circumstances, Prof Craig Ritchie is no longer able to attend this event.

Presented by The University of Edinburgh

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