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The Science of Poetry: Dr Colin Will

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Date & Time
Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

Audio | Ages 12+

The Science of Poetry: Dr Colin Will

About the event

Find your inner bard and discover how poetry can help raise awareness of the biggest global environmental challenges. As part of Elements of EdSciFest, Scottish poet Dr Colin Will explores the use of poetry in science communication with a focus on the Earth sciences.  

Have a read and a listen - perhaps these poems will inspire you to pick up a pen? You might even be inspired to submit to the Geopoetry 2020 event on National Poetry Day.

For more scientific poetry, see The Science of Poetry: Prof Patrick Corbett. 


We stood, on the true edge of America, 
looked across the sundered ground 
at Europe’s distant scarp. 
In between, light snow flurries 
came and went, hazing the short walk 
between the continents. 

Colin’s Notes: Rift 

To a geologist, Iceland is extremely evocative. The processes which tear continents apart and make the oceans spread can be seen here on the surface. We had a memorable time here, visiting Gulfoss Waterfall, the geyser Strokkur, the Blue Lagoon, the Reykjanes Peninsula where lunar astronauts trained (and where I picked up my rock), and Thingvellir, site of Europe’s first parliament, and the place where both sides of the Mid-Atlantic Rift can be seen.