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The Science of Sweets Science Show

Tickets info

Date & Time
Thu 8 Jul—Fri 9 Jul
10.30am | 40mins | Available for 24hours
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 5+

Show | Ages 5+

The Science of Sweets Science Show

About the event

Calling all sweet fans! Join Stefan Gates and his long-suffering daughter Poppy for a Wonka-esque, snack-based science show packed with facts about the chemistry of sweets, the engineering of chocolate fountains, the biology of flatulence and the quantum mechanics of glowing spaghetti. There are loads of demos you can try at home, plus a few you really can’t!

This event will premiere on Edinburgh Science's YouTube account at 10.30am on Thu 8 Jul and be available to access on-demand until 10.30am on Fri 9 Jul.

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