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TimeScapes: Nénette and Our Perceptions of Time

Saturday 31 March

Time is a personal experience. We talk about it as a changing phenomenon – 'time rushed by' – but we perceive time is passing at exactly the same pace for everyone. Nénette (2010) is the rarely-seen award-winning observational feature documentary by Être et Avoir director Nicolas Philibert about a 40-year-old female orangutan living in the Jardin des Plantes Zoo in Paris. This intimate portrait of an animal in captivity challenges our perceptions of time, splitting our attention between the intense focus on Nénette and overheard conversations of visitors reflected in the glass. Followed by a panel discussion with specialists in the fields of filmmaking, anthropology and zoology. In French, with English subtitles, certificate PG.

Presented by MSc Film, Exhibition & Curation at The University of Edinburgh

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