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Two in a Barrel

Tickets info

Date & Time
Sun 11 Jul
10.30am | 30mins | Available for 48 hours
Free | Donations Welcome
Age Restriction
Ages 5+

Show | Ages 5+

Two in a Barrel

About the event

Edinburgh Science Festival proudly presents the world premiere of Two in a Barrel, performed by Ruxandra Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber.

Two quirky best friends – Riri and Moku – are confined to a barrel sitting on top of an island of rubbish in the ocean. They love finding treasures in the vast waste that surrounds them and they enjoy making up their own world of adventure and imagination. Every little discarded thing can be transformed into a magical trinket that starts a fun game. But being in tight quarters means they face challenges, like having to ration their food and learning to coexist. Danger arises when the waste around them continues to pile ever higher and threatens to cover them altogether.

Two in a Barrel is a clown-inspired, physical theatre performance for young audiences about co-existing in an environment with limited resources. By looking at mass consumerism and the destructive effects our habits have on our environment, this Beckett-meets-Pixar show poses questions about the trash we produce and invokes awareness and environmental activism.

This event will premiere on Edinburgh Science's YouTube account at 10.30am on Sun 11 Jul and be available to access on-demand for 48hours.

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Supported by Creative Scotland, SURGE, Platform, Plutôt La Vie, and Imaginate

Created and performed by Ruxandra Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber

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