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Water for Life Digital Recommendations

Tickets info

Date & Time
Saturday 4 — Sunday 19 April
24 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 10+

Recommendations | Ages 10+

Water for Life Digital Recommendations

About the event

We’re surrounded by vast bodies of essential and life-giving water but our relationship with them could be in trouble if we don't protect it. Pressures from climate change, over-fishing and pollution are just some of the myriad of threats facing our oceans, issues that we unpack in the Water for Life strand. 

Below are our team's recommendations on the best digital resources about our oceans.


Sometimes a lot of information is too much information. How do you work out which sources are telling the truth? 

Our Events Developer Lauren has searched the internet for you to find a few credible sources of science about the seven seas!  



National Geographic Kids  



Got some time to kill and want to learn something while you do it? 

These podcasts make for excellent soundtracks to your daily prescribed outdoor time.  

Ologies is an excellent podcast for all things science related, but I’ve picked out the best ocean-related ones for you to get started with. The others listed also have hours of ocean-y goodness for you to listen to!  

If you have any others that we should know about, let us know using #EdSciFest.

Ologies – Cnidariology (coral)  

Ologies – Hagfishology 

Ologies – Cheloniology (sea turtles) 

Ologies – Oceanology  

Ologies – Selachimorphology (sharks)  

Ologies – Icthyology (fish)  

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