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Gadget Factory Touring

Siemens presents Gadget Factory

Touring Gadget Factory is a workshop created and delivered by Edinburgh International Science Festival and supported by Siemens, as part of a three-year sponsorship plan. In year one of this plan Touring Gadget Factory will visit several events across the UK and, together with Siemens volunteer staff, Science Festival staff will deliver the workshop to young people aged 8-14 years old. 


The Gadget Factory Workshop

The Gadget Factory workshop enables young people to investigate and explore how everyday gadgets work and provides the chance to build their very own gadget. After grasping the basics of creating an electronic circuit, participants then pick their electronic components and use their skills to assemble their very own working electronic gadget to take home. After learning the secrets of soldering there is no end to the gadgets that can be made!

Gadget Factory workshop is suitable for 8-14 year olds but teachers, parents and guardians are also encouraged to get involved!




Try-at-Home activities!

To learn more about electronics and engineering and try some great activities at home download our Digital Pack.


Touring Gadget Factory Events

We had a fantastic time at Manchester's MakeFest in May and at the Festival of Design and Engineering at University of Bournemouth at the end of June. The next Gadget Factory tour will be down in Newcastle 2-8 August for the Great Exhibition of the North.


Siemens and the Curiosity Project


The Curiosity Project is Siemens’ UK–wide engagement programme, aimed at inspiring young people and bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to life.

The UK is great at engineering, but there is a problem: there aren’t enough young people studying STEM and becoming engineers. As an engineering company, it’s in our interest to do something about that!

You can get excited about the world of engineering by visiting science museums and festivals where you can meet real engineers, or you bring science to the kitchen table and discover the wonders of science and engineering with our ‘DIY Science’ videos on Youtube!

For schools, we have an extensive education programme , providing free, stimulating and curriculum-linked resources that bring STEM education to life.

Find out more about the Curiosity Project or discover how to be an Education Supporter with Siemens.