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2020 Elements of #EdSciFest

The Earth is burning; global temperatures continue to rise; forest fires ravage the globe and we face a climate emergency that threatens the future of life on Earth. 12 years to save the planet?

We certainly face an unprecedented crisis that requires us to change, adapt and embrace the possibilities that a cleaner, greener future has to offer.

How do we work collaboratively – across borders, boundaries, disciplines and cultures – to power the planet with the energy we need whilst protecting it for future generations? How do we retain optimism and hope in the face of climate crisis and global uncertainty?

At #EdSciFest we are All Fired Up about the climate crisis and want to talk about it with you! Highlights of the strand include 10 Climate Commandments, where climate crisis podcaster Hazel Darwin-Clements discusses what we can do as individuals to combat climate change, plus members of the EdSciFest team give their recommendations as to the booksfilms and digital content to get you all fired up about our warming planet.


Click below for a collection of digital events, articles, downloadable resources and recommendations under our All Fired Up strand.

All Fired Up