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Climate and Environment

Climate change is without doubt an urgent threat of unprecedented magnitude and Edinburgh Science is committed to doing all that it can to bring it to the world’s attention through its activities, festival and learning programmes.

In 2019, we updated our Ethical Sponsorship Policy and announced that we would no longer accept money from fossil fuel companies. Edinburgh Science is determined to show leadership in tackling the world’s climate crisis and highlighting the challenges and opportunities that this revolution will bring.

Below is an explanation of the work we are doing to further educate and inspire our partners, staff and audiences.

Greener Travel
As part of our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the festival, we’re encouraging you to take the most sustainable form of transportation when getting to our venues.

Walkit helps Edinburgh walkers plan routes through the city, providing information of journey time, distance, calories burned and carbon dioxide diverted:

Cyclestreets helps you plan easy cycle routes through the city: And with the addition of several bicycle hire points across the city, you don't need to own your own bike to pedal through Edinburgh!

Lothian buses provide a reliable, quick and cheap bus service that reaches most of the city. The company also provides night buses after midnight, although services vary:

National Rail Enquiries is a portal into UK rail travel including train company promotions, train times and fare enquiries:

Liftshare is a national network which supports walking and cycling groups, car and taxi sharing and promotes better use of community and public transport:

Tripshare is a scheme which allows you to search for other members who are doing similar journeys at similar times; you can share car and taxi journeys, or even choose to cycle and walk together. The system can be used to access local journeys in Edinburgh, as well as throughout Scotland and the remainder of the UK: