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Cook for It!

Make healthy choices...

Try new foods and create your own healthy snacks in this hands-on cookery workshop. Learn how to use food labelling to help you eat a balanced diet.

Cook for It! is the third workshop in the Live for It! series and encourages pupils to make healthy eating choices. Pupils try new foods and create their own healthy snacks in this hands-on cookery workshop. Building on their experiences in Eat for It! and Go for It!, pupils explore food and food labelling to help them eat a balanced diet and make healthy choices.

Curriculum Links

Cook for It! complements the following experiences and outcomes:

  • HWB 2-15a & 3-15a: I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.

  • HWB 2-29a & 3-29a: I enjoy eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situations.

  • HWB 2-30a: By applying my knowledge and understanding of current healthy eating advice I can contribute to a healthy eating plan.

  • HWB 3-30a: By taking part in practical food activities and taking account of current healthy eating advice, I can prepare healthy foods to meet identified needs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the need for food hygiene and safety

  • Demonstrate how to use a knife correctly

  • Recall how to follow a recipe

  • Describe how trying new foods can help us like different tastes or flavours

  • Identify the importance of looking at labels on packaged foods.

Teachers Notes