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4787318/19 In Review: Festival

18/19 In Review: Festival

Fabulous 31st Festival edition! Now that we're less than a month away from announcing our 2020 programme, it felt appropriate to end our In Review season with a retrospective look at our 2019 Festival.  31st Festival In 2019, Edinburgh Science Festival celebrated its 31st year of inspiring people of all ages to experience

Category:       Posted: 20 January 2020

4787018/19 In Review: Learning

18/19 In Review: Learning

Learn a little today. With programmes for primary and secondary schools and training and support for teachers, we work year-round to engage young people and educational professionals all across Scotland and 2018/2019 was no different.  Generation Science For 29 years, Generation Science has continued to deliver fun, interactive shows and workshops to schools

Category:       Posted: 17 January 2020

4779718/19 In Review: Our Rebrand Story

18/19 In Review: Our Rebrand Story

Re-Introducing Edinburgh Science Since our first event in 1989, Edinburgh International Science Festival has built a reputation for developing and delivering world-class events through our annual Festival, year-round education programmes and international work that recognise and celebrate the value and wonder of science and technology. 30 years later, we were proud to

Category:       Posted: 10 January 2020

4780818/19 In Review: Worldwide

18/19 In Review: Worldwide

Science knows no boundaries. Alongside our UK based activity, Edinburgh Science also operates internationally. We work closely with a range of partners to bring our unique style of science engagement to a wide variety of projects and events. In 2019 we were delighted to collaborate on the following overseas projects. Cyber Quest Cyber

Category:       Posted: 03 January 2020

4781218/19 In Review: Community Engagement

18/19 In Review: Community Engagement

Doing more for the Community For Edinburgh Science, community engagement is a year-round focus, with events and ticket offers during the Festival time, bespoke workshops during the school holidays, science experiments at community days and more. In 2019, the Edinburgh Science community engagement strategy branched out from north Edinburgh and Leith

Category:       Posted: 27 December 2019

4780118/19 In Review: Climate and Environment

18/19 In Review: Climate and Environment

It's time to walk the walk... Climate change is without doubt an urgent threat of unprecedented magnitude and Edinburgh Science is committed to doing all that it can to bring it to the world’s attention through its activities, Festival and Learning programmes. We recently updated our ethical fundraising policy and announced that

Category:       Posted: 20 December 2019

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