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18/19 In Review: Our Rebrand Story

Posted: 10 January 2020

Re-Introducing Edinburgh Science

Since our first event in 1989, Edinburgh International Science Festival has built a reputation for developing and delivering world-class events through our annual Festival, year-round education programmes and international work that recognise and celebrate the value and wonder of science and technology.

30 years later, we were proud to become Edinburgh Science, an organisation at the forefront of international excellence in science engagement, in December of 2018.

Our new name reflects the ever–diversifying nature of our programmes across all strands of our business, as well as our continued commitment to delivering the very best in innovative events and experiences that bring science to life for people of all ages and backgrounds in Edinburgh, around Scotland and internationally.

Edinburgh Science will continue to deliver all of its existing projects: Edinburgh Science Festival; our annual celebration of science, which returns 4–19 April 2020 with programmes running across Edinburgh. Edinburgh Science Worldwide; which delivers our overseas work, including our role as Major Programming Partner for the Abu Dhabi Science Festival . Edinburgh Science Learning; which delivers projects to and for schools and communities, including our schools touring programme Generation Science and our reimagined STEM careers event Careers Hive.

Under the auspices of our parent educational charity – Edinburgh Science Foundation – we will continue in our mission to inspire, encourage and challenge people of all ages and backgrounds to explore, understand and engage with the world around them, and to communicate the educational, social and economic benefits of science and technology. Over the next 30 years, we will take Edinburgh Science’s excellence in science communication to more audiences, working on diverse events across new and existing platforms, engaging and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds for generations to come.

A Word From Our Designer

In approaching a new identity for Edinburgh International Science Festival my aims were twofold. The first was to establish a monolithic brand: Edinburgh Science, to better reflect our broadening involvement in education and international work as well as the Festival delivered annually. Second was to develop a new simplified aesthetic. I worked to find an icon that could allude to the many disciplines of science while employing a distinct human element. The logo comprises concentric rings that echo spinning electrons or orbiting planets, there is a suggestion of circuitry or the whorls of a fingerprint, encapsulated in the shape of an anatomical heart. The new brand highlights our mission to examine our Universe from the micro to the macro, to peel back layers of understanding, to demonstrate that science is part of the human experience and at the heart of everything.

Joshua Smythe, Graphic Design