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Announcing the winners of our 2016 Sci-Ku competition

Posted: 26 April 2016

Our annual nationwide Sci-Ku competition, aimed at promoting science and literacy in the classroom, saw 1,348 space-themed entries from pupils in primary and secondary schools all over Scotland. Many of the entrants took inspiration from Tim Peake’s mission on the International Space Station, the discussion of Pluto’s planetary status or even just looking up at a beautiful clear night sky. The judges from Edinburgh City Libraries, the City of Literature Trust, and climate scientist and poet Rachel McCarthy had a very difficult task in deciding the finalists and prize winners.

Here are the winners and highly commended entries from the primary category:

First prize:
Only one side shown
Black hidden mysterious
Dark side never seen

By Brooke Haggart, Dunbarney Primary School

Second prize:
Black holes are awesome
A spaghettification
Big whirling portal

By Hannah Kelly, Kirklandpark Primary School

Third prize:
Star up in the sky
So beautiful but dying
So wish upon it

By Lois Coughlin, Pittencrieff Primary School

Highly commended:
We live on the Earth
Sun says hello in the day
Moon says it at night

By Izzy Sharp, Hill of Banchory Primary School

The doors open slowly
Following Tim Peake’s footsteps
Space walk here I come

By Caitlin Henry, Smithton Primary School

Animals in space
Laika, Enos and chimp Ham
They were so very brave

By Katie Davidson Wilson, Langlee Primary School

Three two one blast off
Zero gravity floating
Feeling nervous now

By Kirsty Keston, ESMS Junior School

Night shining giant
Chasing away the darkness
It's my friend the moon

By Hannah Coletto, Cawdor Primary School

In the dark night sky
The dancing lights glow so bright
Pink green and purple

By Chantelle Magoche, Our Lady’s Primary School

The moon has gone away
It’s 11 o’clock it’s bright like day
I canny get to sleep

By Luca Caterino, St Boswells Primary School

Here are the winners and highly commended entries from the secondary category:

First prize:
I can see it now
The cloudy blue and green earth
I am almost home

By Cally Campbell, Plockton High School

Second prize:
They glisten at night
But disappear through the day
Lost in the crowd

By Jannike Marshall, Broughton High School

Third prize:
Hammer and feather
Deceives the wielder with touch
Both fall simultaneously

By Ryan Gilhooly, Portobello High School

Highly commended:
We are made from stardust
From the galaxy we are born
Twinkling through life

By Sasha Alston, Perth Academy

When you’re an astronaut
You get this space dried coffee
But no cups of tea

By Orlaith Thomson, Broughton High School

We tried. We did try.
“Is anybody out there?”
The phone was engaged.

By Andrew McIntyre, Elgin High School

Rotating planets
Jewellery of the galaxy
A chain of daisies

By Alex Mclean, Portobello High School

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our judges and Usborne, Bloomsbury, Abrams & Chronicle and What on Earth books for their donations of prizes. You can still view 2016 school resource packs on our Sci-Ku competition webpage.