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Books and Academic Writers

Posted: 04 April 2019

Embrace exciting fictional worlds and discover inspiring academic writing at the Science Festival

Science and books go hand in hand. From science fiction novels to published academic journals. Here's a peak at the events at this year's #EdSciFest that explore the literature world from all angles.

For those of us who are not astronauts, there is still a way to set foot on new moons and planets for the first time during our creative writing workshop.

Celebrating the publication of Oor Big Braw Cosmos, join Scotland’s Astronomer Royal John C Brown and poet Rab Wilson for Cosmic Beauty, Poetry and Science, a night of poetry and out-of-this-world creative exploration.

Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are investigates whether genes, personality and physicality are shaped from birth – looking at the predictive abilities of DNA, author Robert Plomin reveals why nurture is actually nature.

Jim Al-Khalili takes to the stage once more, this time to share his new book Sunfall set in a world under attack from rampant climate change, uncontrollable mass migration and cyber-terrorism.

Exploring centuries of sexism, neuroscientist Gina Rippon dissects The Gendered Brain.

Bestselling author Mary Contini and food writer Pru Irvine host a fun-filled hour of food chat, blind tastings and cookery tips for budding chefs that make cooking Easy Peasy!

Finding the right answers and asking the right questions is what forensic science is all about. Eminent forensic scientist Prof Angela Gallop reveals the advances in forensics that have influenced many of her high-profile cases in When the Dogs Don't Bark.

In Revenge of the Twitterbots! computer scientist Tony Veale examines the world of Twitterbots, from botdom's greatest hits to the hows and whys of bot-building, discover the place of bots in the social media landscape.

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