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Celebrating #GreenArts Day!

Posted: 14 March 2019

Today is Green Arts Day, a day to celebrate moving towards a more sustainable Scotland.

Each year our Festival programme creates a neutral platform for debate and discussion round a number of sustainability issues, such as climate change, ocean power and more.

This year the Edinburgh Medal is awarded to Christiana Figueres, for her work as a recognised world leader on global climate change and her efforts in bringing nations together to jointly deliver an unprecedented climate change agreement.

We’re also opening the floor for climate change discussions. Do we only have 12 years to save the planet? How many is too many when it comes to the population? What is the future like for humanity if we continue the way we are?

Plastic and the piling up of waste is at the forefront of minds. Explore how we can repurpose litter on our beaches with artist Julia Barton and her #LitterCUBES, figure out what all the acronyms mean when it comes to recycling plastic and how to recycle it in the most environmentally friendly manner, and meet pilots who are fighting the plastic pollution from the skies.

Explore what humanity can do to create a more sustainable world in A Human Touch, our photo exhibition outside the Scottish Parliament. Opening Wednesday 20 March, this large-scale exhibition will take you on a fascinating journey exploring the effect of human activity on our planet; how modern practices are changing our landscapes and impacting on the environment, and looking at some of the steps taken to cope with a rapidly changing world and dwindling resources.

Bring your questions and think through some challenges we face as a species, and how we can best design for the developed and developing world, guided by your host comedian Susan Morrison, along with a series of short films by students at the Edinburgh College of Art in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

And if you have any old electronics you no longer need, we are looking for a myriad of items for the Break It part of our Build and Break exhibition. Held at the National Museum of Scotland, visit BUILD IT to unlock your creative spirit and build magical, massive structures with our super-sized construction blocks then head over to BREAK IT to be set loose on a huge pile of discarded electronics with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers – rip old pieces of tech apart to discover what they are made of and learn which parts we might be able to reuse.

See our full programme of sustainable events and get involved in the discussion!