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City Art Centre

Posted: 02 March 2020

Edinburgh Science Festival at City Art Centre is the perfect, inspirational day out!

Our science playground, covering five floors of activities, is packed with shows, workshops and interactive events perfect for kids up to 12 years old. Below are some examples of what you can get stuck into. 

Unlock your creative spirit and build magical, massive structures with our super-sized construction blocks in our Imagination Playground. What amazing structures will you make, and what will inspire your designs? Ideal for young engineers and adults alike.

Discover more about Scottish wildlife heritage by exploring the animals that used to live here and the work being carried out to reintroduce animals – like the beaver – to Scotland in our Wild Vets workshop.

Be creative with chemistry and design your own slime to take home in our Splat-Tastic workshop. Test its thickness and stickiness under the extreme conditions of our ’Splat-o-Meter‘ and check out how the appearance and properties of materials can change when a chemical reaction takes place.

Be sure to meet Marty – the dancing robot! In Creative Coding use Scratch programming language to program Marty to follow commands and navigate around an obstacle course. Before you leave, get yourself a spot at the coolest party in town and make Marty dance at our robot disco.

Paging all surgeons to the emergency room – we need all hands on deck! Scrub up in the ER Surgery and help diagnose your ‘patient', before performing life-saving surgery on the knee, abdomen and brain. Get involved using endoscopes supplied by Karl Storz – but be quick, every second counts!

Parents can join in the fun too with drop-in workshops and our digital art exhibitions.

A magic window to the sky shows curious stars around the stately City Art Centre. When they sense a watcher, the heavens come alive! Seeded by the constellations, cellular algorithms evolve a carnival of colour and shape across the cosmos in our exhibition You Are Here.

Artist Rachel McBrinn presents a new video installation Ricochet on deconstructed LCD monitors which you will discover on your way through the building. The polarising filters have been removed from the screens, which means that the video is invisible until you look through the filters and the image is revealed.

The average visit to City Art Centre takes four to five hours and will keep everyone entertained. Some workshops are kids-only so there’s even time to grab a coffee and relax! Not only that but if you book a child’s day pass you’ll receive free adult entry on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Monday 13 April. Call Box Office or book online – simply add a child’s pass and an adult pass to your basket and use the promo code EASTEREGG20.