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Climate Events

Posted: 09 March 2020

We’re All Fired Up about the climate crisis and want to talk about it with you!

Here at the Edinburgh Science Festival we love to spark debate and cover the world’s hottest topics; and what could be hotter than the earth right now? As temperatures continue to rise and forest fires ravage the globe we face a climate emergency that threatens the future of all life on Earth.

But what does it mean if we don’t get off our current path towards global warming? Will the UK burn or freeze? Will we be inundated by people displaced by the effects of climate change?

In This is an Emergency Dr Kate Crowley, climate scientist, shares with us the expected changes as the planet warms and Elizabeth Bomberg, professor of environmental politics, considers the geopolitical fallout from these fast moving climatic changes.

Join leading voices in crucial conversations as Prof Hilary Graham, specialist in the relationship between climate and public health, and our panel of experts discuss the implications that the climate emergency has on our physical and mental wellbeing in Climate Sickness.

We speak to policy and energy experts, including Prof Lesley Yellowlees, chemist and solar energy researcher, and geothermal energy entrepreneur David Townsend in Scotland’s Energy Quadrilemma to discuss problems and solutions associated with Scotland’s aim to reduce carbon emissions by 75% before 2030 and become carbon-neutral by 2045.

We investigate the impact of modern-day working patterns on our mental health and the role they play in the climate crisis with occupational psychologist Dr Roxane Gervais and chartered environmentalist Tom Bailey. What benefits could we see for us and the planet by changing what the typical working week looks like? Find out in The Four-day Week

We know that this is a hot topic (pun intended), but we also know that it can seem overwhelming – handily you can visit our special online All Fired Up portal to access exclusive teasers, tips and tricks before, during and after Festival events. Let’s embrace all the possibilities that a cleaner, greener future has to offer!