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Dinosaur Weekend

Posted: 06 March 2020

Travel back in time and discover the Pleasance overrun by dinosaurs! There's plenty to keep little paleaontologists busy at our Easter weekend dinosaur spectacular and one ticket gets you access to all of the following:

Join dino-devotee Jules Howard for his fantastic new show Prehistoric Beasts and How to Know Them in a time-travelling extravaganza through the age of dinosaurs. Showcasing the very latest in palaeontology, there will be real-life fossils, a spectacular show-and-tell and, of course, plenty of fossilised poo! You'll get to take home your own sample of 150 million-year-old rock, complete with fossil ammonites and other prehistoric creatures.

Talking of taking things home, come and create with our Cretaceous Crafts activity where you can make dino-themed masks, finger puppets and prints! You'll need your human hands when you arrive to make lots of roarsome accessories, but you'll leave feeling more like a prehistoric reptile than ever before.

You can’t spend the whole day sitting though! Join in with our Jurassic Playground and take part in some prehistoric tomfoolery with a range of dino-themed games and activities. From hoopla to disco dancing, channel your inner playful Plesiosaur and see which T-Rex comes out on top!

It’s not all fun and games – we need your help answering some tough questions. How long ago were the dinosaurs on Earth? What might have caused their extinction? Join Dino's on the Road and become fossil detectives. Explore the rich diversity of dinosaurs by investigating handling specimens including T-Rex teeth, Stegosaurus back plates and real Sauropod dung!

I know what you’re thinking. No Easter weekend would be complete without an egg-citing egg hunt. Well, back in prehistoric times, before the Easter Bunny was born, everyone was visited by the Easter Baryonyx. And she's left eggs all over Pleasance! Let’s hatch a plan and track them all down in our Triassic Trail – it’s no yoking matter!