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Food for thought this Science Festival

Posted: 27 February 2018

We’re a nation of foodies, from Instagramming hashtagged avocados at Sunday brunch to undertaking degrees in brewing and distilling as commitment to the perfect pint. But how much does science apply to what we love to eat?

Our 2018 programme is packed with foodie-themed offerings, starting with the fastest-selling show of 2017, Cheeseology (Wednesday 3 April). Join cheese-gurus Paul Thomas and Patrick McGuigan as they take the lead on a gastronomic exploration of cheese, its various states of fermentation and how to reach the delicious final product. Come prepared for plenty of tasty samples.

Quench your thirst at Miracle Brew (Sunday 1 April), and discover how the ideal blend of barley and hops leads to perfection in a pint glass. Beer writer Pete Brown presents with a plethora of delicious beers from Scottish uberbrewers, Brewdog. If that leaves you thirsty for more, don’t miss Barney’s Beer Practical Mash In (Thursday 5 April) on their home turf at Summerhall. A son of a brewery worker, Barney has been elbows-deep mashing, boiling and fermenting from a young age. This fast-paced demonstration is a treat for the taste buds.

Processed food takes quite the bashing in the headlines, but how can we take a balanced approach as a consumer? Take a seat for The Evolution and Future of Processed Food (Thursday 5 April) to hear both sides of the argument, and discover the latest ambitious developments in food processing, including 3D printed pizzas.

Constantly aware of how much your food bills come to? Maybe this will get you economising. In a fantastic pay-what-you-feel event, try the £1 Meal at Summerhall (Friday 6 April). This is a delicious chance to try a three-course meal, costing less than a pound to put together! All proceeds go to the Trussel Trust.

Round off your foodie experiences with our highly anticipated Baking in Space (Saturday 7 April)! Featuring none other than Andrew Smyth of Great British Bake Off fame, and performer and explorer Dr Niamh Shaw, this is a scientific exploration drawing parallels between domestic baking and advanced space engineering.

Whether you’re crackers about cheese, or your mind boggles over Baked Alaska, there’s something for everyone this Science Festival.