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Gadget Factory at the Great Exhibition of the North

Posted: 07 August 2018

Children fascinated by gadgets and how things work revelled in Gadget Factory, sponsored by Siemens, at the Great Exhibition of the North Family Expo weekend. This hands-on workshop allows 8-14 year-olds to delve into an engineer’s experience, create electronic circuits, build their own nifty gadgets and even take them home. 

Having already proved a smash hit at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Design and Engineering and Birmingham’s young scientist and engineer fair The Big Bang, the touring Gadget Factory is visitng the Great Exhibition of the North from 2-8 August. The workshops are fully booked, but more space may become available. Please see the website for further details.

The visit to the Great Exhibition of the North further celebrates the UK’s Year of Engineering and encourages young adults to pursue ideas and activities in these fields. 

Fraser Smith, UK Projects Manager at Edinburgh International Science Festival said: “We need to encourage young people to be tomorrow’s engineers and scientists and Gadget Factory is a fantastic way of inspiring interest and fascination with these subjects. This hands-on workshop enables young people to learn about electronics in a practical and exciting way!” 

Gadget Factory workshop is suitable for children and teenagers.